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Caribou Lodge MisChief Yoyo

Chief is one of those yo-yos that epitomizes this aspect of CLYW, with its amazing coloring and impressive form, but without skimping on the top quality of the yo-yo itself. The "full size" body at 56mm is well suited for just about anything you can throw at it, making it great for almost everyone. Whether you're young or old, the Chief is everyone's favorite throw.

When I got sponsored by CLYW I was fortunate enough to be issued my own colorway of this amazing Yoyo and this is the end result. I'm very pleased with how the project unfolded and pride myself on the work put into this launch.


Box art by the Amazing Jason Week

“The Idea of “MisChief” hit me while at work thinking of names as I wanted something playful for the video.


The colors red, blue and yellow are the 3 primary colors of the color wheel and you could pretty much come up with any color through them. I wanted a crayon to be there to symbolize “color” and “child’s play”. The fallen Ice cream, on the other hand, had something to do with the fact that sometimes you got to go out there and have mistakes to actually learn something.


A lot of tricks come about through actually trying and making mistakes…so go out there and create your own MisChief.”

-Ernest Kahn

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