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Welcome to the captivating world of Ernest Kahn, your National Yoyo Champion, renowned for delivering a World Class Yo-yo Show that promises to leave your guests spellbound!

Ernest offers an unparalleled Yo-yo Show experience, showcasing mesmerizing feats such as speed yoyoing, yoyos tied to dice, intricate two-handed yoyo maneuvers, and gravity-defying yoyos off the string!

With over two decades dedicated to perfecting his craft, Ernest specializes in delivering unforgettable yo-yo performances suitable for audiences of all ages. From dynamic shows synchronized to music to engaging strolling entertainment, Ernest has graced a plethora of events, including corporate galas, circus extravaganzas, festive celebrations, intimate weddings, vibrant birthdays, and spirited bar/bat mitzvahs.

His expertise extends to school assemblies, high school engagements, after-school programs, and even entertainment for bars, clubs, and virtual gatherings. Ernest also offers personalized yo-yo lessons, either in-person or virtually, catering to individuals or groups eager to master the art of yo-yoing.

Ernest's talent has taken him across the globe, where he has showcased his skills in competitions, performances, and workshops in numerous countries. Notable appearances include the San Francisco Exploratorium's 50th Anniversary, the Chinese Flower Festival, and the iconic Tour de Fat at Golden Gate Park.

To elevate your event to new heights and leave a lasting impression on your guests, simply fill out the contact form below and secure Ernest Kahn's extraordinary yo-yo entertainment!

Unlock the thrill of learning yo-yo tricks with ease! Whether you prefer one-on-one sessions or group lessons, Ernest offers personalized instruction tailored to your skill level. Reach out via our contact form and embark on your yo-yo journey today!

Discover Ernest Kahn's stellar performances and accolades on Gigkids, GigSalad, and thebash!


  • Tour de Fat at Golden Gate Park: 2014, 2015

  • Chinese Flower Festival: February 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021,2022 , 2023

  • Zenefits Bring Your Kids to Work Day: 2018, 2019


  • 2008 Philippine National Champion

  • 2010 Philippine National Champion

  • 2011 Asia Pacific – 12th Place

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Contact me:

Ernest Kahn

San Francisco, CA 

Instagram: @Ernest_Kahn

Youtube: @Ernest_Kahn


Phone: +1 818-813-2725

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Contact Me:

San Francisco, CA 

+1 818-813-2725

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